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Quran is the last word and last advice from ALLAH (SWT) for the whole mankind, all-mighty Lord, Ruler, and King of Kings. He is the Protector and Keeper of The Universe and Sustainer of all things. ALLAH (SWT) is the only one alone true God.

ALLAH (SWT) is the creator of everything. From Atoms to galaxies far away, from Ants to Whales, Seas to Trees, Seasons and The night and day, The human beings, Angels, etc. ALLAH (SWT) sent many Prophets with Books to take us out of the darkness and into the Light.ALLAH (SWT) is the same God Who is mentioned in The Bible and Torah Too, but He Chosen Islam as the final way of Life or Deen.

We have created a worship of ALLAH (SWT) so we need to know Him to be sure. The only way to find this from The Quran and Sunnah and it is still holy and pure. Our creator knows best how we should live and has guided us to do right. Through the medium of books by which included several different holy books like Suhuf (little books), Scrolls of Prophets, Torah, Zubur, Bible, and Quran in the end that was sent by the last Prophet from Allah (SWT) Hazrat Mohammad Rasulullah (SAW) to the whole mankind. He also tells us as there would be no Prophet after him and no such books like the Holy Quran.

Lord of the worlds, he made controls the future, present, and past. Allah was and always will be the greatest, Ever living, The First and Last. Everything will get over but only Allah is immortal.

It is seen that these days the Muslims do read the Quran but they do not follow and pay focus to anything that is written in it. They don’t even learn anything from their experiences from the book. It is through the medium of the Quran that ALLAH (SWT) wants to ascribe the motive, which his servants must understand and follow the verdicts of their Prophet Mohammad spending their life for him and coming back to Allah after death completing their motives.

It is very important for every Muslim to read The Holy Quran thoroughly and understand every verdict of Allah comparing it with your own life. This comparison will make it clear whether you are following the principles of Allah or not. For this reason, it is a small effort made from our side through our website to make the Quran available to everyone.

If you don’t have translated Quran, you can simply order it from our website or can even download it for use.